codeREADr - Now With Bluetooth Scanner
Presenting the Opticon OPN2002 Bluetooth scanner. Now compatible with codeREADr.
  • Point-and-shoot scanning. Point the laser at a barcode to scan
  • Ultraportable. Only 1 ounce and 0.6 inches thick
  • Powerful. Scans over 20 types of 1D barcodes
  • Rapid scanning. No focus delay or glare interference

The Bluetooth scanner allows you to operate codeREADr hands-free: place the device in your pocket, into a wristband, or within viewing distance. Look at the codeREADr app's screen or listen to the audio alert.

The Opticon OPN2002 scans over 20 types of printed 1D barcodes. A version which reads 2D barcodes and barcodes presented on mobile displays is expected to be available in Q4 2012. Alternatively, you can use the codeREADr app's built-in scanning engine for 2D and mobile barcodes.


Bluetooth scanners can connect to a device in two ways: SPP Mode and HID Mode. SPP Mode (Serial Port) is faster as it captures the entire barcode value at once. HID Mode uses keyboard emulation to enter one character of the barcode value at a time.

Compatibility Table

SPP / HID Mode
HID Mode only
Coming soon
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