The Delivery Economy: Capturing the Right Data in Real-Time


  • App for Both Dedicated Scanners and Smartphone Scanners
  • Easily Track Process and Delivery Status

As on-demand delivery services increasingly become a major differentiator for choosing a vendor, the technology for tracking those deliveries in real-time has grown proportionately. Most service providers traditionally use purpose-built scanners but in our “delivery economy” we are seeing the use of iOS and Android OS devices growing quickly.
The codeREADr app is used by 100s of logistics companies as well as 1000s of independent, delivery service providers because it offers a hybrid barcode scanning solution compatible with both purpose-built scanners and smartphones-as-scanners.
The most critical requirements include:
1 – Fast and accurate data capture
2 – Real-time access to process and delivery statuses
3 – Frictionless deployment

Purpose-Built Scanners

Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic and many others offer rugged, purpose-built barcode scanners with extended battery life. They typically have a powerful, built-in aimer which is an important tool for capturing the right barcode. Also, their imaging engines are well suited for reading barcodes, even from a distance.

With the codeREADr app, you can also limit scanning to pre-selected barcode types, check scanned data against pre-set patterns (prefix, suffix, string length, etc.) or validate against a database.

Smartphones and Tablets as Scanners

When using your own staff for deliveries, it may make sense to provision purpose-built scanners. Or when hiring third-party services, they may already provision purpose-built scanners to their employees. In both cases, those provisioned devices are controlled and the ROI can be amortized over many deliveries.

However, for some companies, it may make sense to ask the delivery person to use their own device. For example, if the person delivering the goods is only working part-time for you, using their own device saves you the expense of provisioning purpose-built scanners.

New Technology for Camera Scanning 

Scanning Modes and Smart Scan

The Framing “Scanning Mode” is the most popular for delivery tracking because the app captures just the barcode in the frame. The Trigger Mode is another valuable option because it only captures the barcode when the app-user taps a virtual button. It mimics the hardware button on purpose-built scanners that “trigger” the scan.

“Smart Scan” technologies allow you to configure barcode filters based on one or more preset configurations such that only the targeted barcodes are captured when a match is made. Think of this technology like this: hover the camera over 5-10 barcodes and only one is captured because that’s the only one that matches the preset filter(s).

Most purpose-built scanners that have imagers for scanning also have cameras for taking photos. Those devices can take advantage of both scanning technologies, meaning the app user can scan with the imager’s aimer for distance scanning and scan with the camera for Scanning Modes and Smart Scan.

Tracking Progress From Order to Delivery

Some vendors want to also track the pre-delivery status of customer orders. You can now do that with our Table Builder feature.

NEW:  Validate Up to 100 Listed Items in Seconds 

We’ve offered A/B Compare for many years where the first scan (“A”) is compared to a second scan (“B”) and if they match, the app user sees a “Valid” result.

Now think of a delivery person in a few seconds scanning, in a single camera view, a list of barcodes representing 30 tracking numbers, or 30 items, or 30 serial numbers (the scanned Batch “A”). Then think of them scanning in a single camera view the individual barcodes on each delivered item (the scanned Batch “B”). If Batch A matches Batch B, the app-user sees a Valid result – meaning that all the items to be delivered were correctly delivered.

If this new A/B Batch technology is of interest, please contact for further information.