Scan to URL: Send Scan Data Directly to Servers

Send Scan Data Directly to Servers

Did You Know?

Sensitive patient, student, member, & asset data can be received, processed, and maintained in real-time on your servers. Direct Scan to URL (DSU) was designed for client’s with data privacy & regulatory mandates. With this service, each barcode scanned is posted from the app directly to your server, along with any other collected data, where it’s processed and the corresponding result sent back to the app by your server in real-time.

Applications include checking-in and checking-out healthcare patients and their medicines; recording student & membership attendance; locating employees and contractors; and tracking deliveries and assets in real-time.

Rich Eicher on Direct Scan to URL

“Our clients generally sync their databases to our cloud-based validation servers. They then use our servers for processing and generating reports based on the scan data uploaded from each app they provision. However, some larger healthcare and enterprise clients requested we sync their app scan data directly to their own servers, thus enabling them to control potentially sensitive data. These clients can now use our Direct Scan to URL service option,” said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC.

With Direct Scan to URL, you can  continue to use the Web service or our APIs for managing users, setting app permissions and customizing the flow and type of data collection.