Sanitary Scanning for Continued Operations

As organizations take extra safety precautions, digitization is key. Also, businesses continue to hold events, and work goes on for many. That means that workflows need to start changing to modernize old systems. For others, businesses deploy workflows they’ve had prepared for these kinds of contingencies. Whether using codeREADr as that contingency or to digitize workflows, we’re prepared to support you.

Digitization: Safe, swift, sanitary

Changing a workflow in the wake of an epidemic might seem difficult. However, codeREADr is here to make it a simple process. We have compiled a number of video tutorials to assist any new signups in configuring codeREADr. Also, we offer best-in-class support from our email and LiveChat options. Moreover, we offer consultation packages to get one on one training with a specialist, who will build a service for you.

CodeREADr is especially popular for attendance, facility access control, and delivery fulfillment services. One of the most important features in use is codeREADr’s Kiosk mode. Kiosk mode allows you to set up a device in a set location and enables attendees to scan themselves into a location or event without contact. Most often, we see our clients use Kiosk mode with a device’s front camera and framing mode active. This allows people to line their identification or credentials up with the on-screen frame and scan themselves from several feet away. Also, with our SD Pro scan engine, device cameras can even scan from behind glass!

Whether you are operating during the pandemic or preparing to reopen, codeREADr offers a modern solution for the digital age.