Scanning Barcodes With Response Text: A Secret Weapon

Scanning Barcodes and Collect Data with Responsive Text

Sometimes Scanning Barcodes Isn’t Enough

codeREADr lets you create barcodes embedded with any data you want, but barcodes have limits. Sometimes you’ll be scanning barcodes you haven’t created yourself, like UPC codes with numeric IDs that aren’t human-readable. You also can’t store confidential data in a barcode, as they can easily be decoded with a consumer-grade smartphone app. codeREADr solves these problems by letting you include response text alongside each barcode value. As you validate barcodes, our app will display additional data not included in the barcode. It’s securely sent to the app, and allows you to provide a human-readable explanation for what might be an overly complex or indecipherable barcode value.

You can use response text to benefit your business in many different ways. Here are just a few.

Identity Verification

If you’re using codeREADr to scan tickets or ID badges, you can set series of random numbers as each barcode value, and then attach the name of the ticket/cardholder as response text. Then, when your personnel start scanning barcodes, they can ask for ID or examine the name on the card to make sure it matches the name on the screen. Since the response text is set by the codeREADr accountholder, fake barcodes become very difficult to fabricate. Even if someone attempting to make a counterfeit ticket or badge figures out how to replicate your numbering scheme for each barcode, they won’t be able to make the app display the correct name once it’s scanned.

Status Information

When using codeREADr to track assets or inspect products, it’s useful to display information about each item as the response text. If you’re asking the user questions each time a barcode is scanned to provide updates on the item’s status, the user can first read the response text and choose to only provide only information on attributes which have changed, thus increasing productivity.


If you’re running a coupon redemption program for your business with codeREADr, you can use the response text to provide offer details, including terms and limitations. If the fine print on the coupon is hard to read, your employees can just scan the coupon’s barcode and view the coupon info in a larger font size.