1D/2D Barcode Offers Redeemed at Point of Service

With codeREADr’s new scan-reporting features, merchants can validate and track coupons, vouchers, loyalty and daily deal campaigns from multiple providers, enabling cross-campaign data aggregation and improved offer management.

Boston, MA (August 2, 2011): Skycore LLC, a mobile solutions specialist since 2003, today introduced advanced reporting features for codeREADr, their enterprise barcode scanning platform. These features enable merchants to scan, validate, and track print & mobile offers at their POS and post each transaction in real-time or import as batch files to their back-end systems.

“With the proliferation of so many coupon, loyalty, and daily deal providers, merchants are faced with a confusing array of validation methods and can find it difficult to aggregate transaction data,” said Rich Eicher, CEO, Skycore LLC. “Using codeREADr as the primary validation method is simple, inexpensive and, with our new reporting features, enables merchants to more easily analyze cross-campaign transaction data.”

Scan a 1D/2D Barcode or NFC Tag

With codeREADr’s brandable app for Apple®, Android, and BlackBerry devices, merchants can validate offers by scanning a 1D or 2D barcode (and soon NFC); searching a local or online database; or manually entering the unique offer code. Merchants can also collect customer data by entering the customer’s answers to multiple-choice and short-form questions following each scan.
The resulting transaction and customer data can be posted in real-time or stored on-device for uploading and export as needed. The merchant and their agencies can use codeREADr.com or the developer APIs to create transaction validation services for each planned offer and generate transactional QR codes dynamically or for export in bulk.

  • Website: http://codeREADr.com
  • Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8FaJPeIc7A
  • Skycore LLC (https://www.skycore.com) of Boston, MA has since 2003 been at the cutting edge of multimedia messaging (MMS) and the delivery and validation of transactional content. Their Skycore and codeREADr platforms help SMBs, brands, retailers and enterprises create, deliver, read and process data embedded in a 1D/2D barcode for fast and convenient transactions.