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Acteva Barcode Scanning Lead Retrieval

The world’s first lead retrieval app integrated with a conference & trade show registration solution simplifies attendee data collection and eliminates exhibitors’ need to rent expensive equipment with bar code scanner services.

Huge Lead Retrieval System News

SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 17, 2012 — Acteva today announced the first-of-its-kind, fully integrated smartphone-based lead retrieval system (Acteva LRS) integrating its cloud based online registration, payment, and management solution for events, conferences, and tradeshows, and smartphone based bar code scanning service from codeREADr ( allowing exhibitors immediate access to their prospects data via smartphones.

Acteva provides its customers with two types of completely integrated bar code scanner services: “Lead Retrieval Service” and “Check-In Service”. The lead retrieval service (LRS) is intended for use by large conferences with Bar-Code Name Badges and Exhibitors. With LRS, the event organizer will distribute an event-unique URL to their exhibitors. The URL will allow the exhibitor’s event coordinator to set up their booth staff on the Acteva LRS system. Once enabled, the booth staff can scan attendee’s bar-coded badges. The information on the scanned leads is immediately available in the LRS database and can be accessed and downloaded at any time.

Check-in With a Bar Code Scanner

The Check-In Service can be used in conjunction with or separately from LRS for bar code scanner based check in. With the Check-In Service, the organizer will distribute bar-coded tickets that event attendees will receive via email, print out at home, and bring to the event. At the event, the organizer’s staff can use a Smartphone with pre-installed codeREADr app to quickly scan the bar codes; at that moment the system will mark the ticket as having been used. The attendee status will be marked as “checked in”. The same bar code can be used over and over again for different sessions but can only be used once for an individual session.

“For over thirty years, conferences and trade show lead retrieval primarily has been run by large registration companies using booth-bound devices to read bar codes or magnetic stripes on name badges. In today’s event world, most show planners and attendees already have Smartphones or iPads. Smartphones let you do everything, anywhere. One can access work documents, learn about prospects while still on the show floor. Using Smartphones is quickly becoming a competitive advantage. Information will be easier to access, communication will be simpler and attendees and exhibitors will achieve better overall trade show results,” says Rich Eicher Sr, Director of Business Development for Skycore LLC, developer of codeREADr.

What Does All This Mean?

Trade shows and Conferences typically provide exhibitor booths to facilitate interacting with Event attendees and a means to collect their information as potential sales leads. Now, instead of using expensive third party scanning devices and services, Acteva Pro users can use the Acteva LRS to retrieve the leads. Event organizers using Acteva Pro can easily set up the exhibitors to use the LRS system by sending a link. Once the codeREADr bar code scanner app is downloaded onto the exhibitor’s smartphones (iPhone or Android), they can scan the name badges and retrieve the leads anytime during and after the event.

“Acteva is excited to announce this ground-breaking app that allows exhibitors to easily capture, qualify and manage conference and trade show leads anywhere, anyplace. This is a tremendous value add for Acteva Event organizers to offer to their exhibitors,” said Bill Briner, Vice President of Products at Acteva. “Since 1998 Acteva has always been ahead in innovation for the Event Registration arena and with the introduction of this feature we have made lead retrieval much more cost effective and easier to use.”

About Acteva:

Founded in 1998, Acteva is the largest and most experienced Online Registration & Payment; Event, Conference, Trade show, Class & Training Management and Secure Private Community Solution provider in the market today. They have been helping organizers manage and promote their events, classes, trainings, and online payment management for over 12 years. Acteva is a pioneer in the Event technology industry, helping more than 20,000 organizations host over 400,000 events that have been attended by more than 7 million people. Acteva serves corporations, organizations and numerous non-profits such as the Food Shippers of America, Crain Communications, American Red Cross, the Leukemia Research Foundation, the World Cup Dreams Foundation, World Policy Institute and many more. For more information about Acteva please visit

About Skycore, LLC:

Founded in 2003, Skycore LLC of Boston, MA, is a leading mobile service provider enabling the creation, delivery, reading and validating of data embedded in 1D/2D barcodes and NFC objects. Their app & Web Service enable data capture, tracking and authentication using iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Over 400,000 events a year! Acteva is amazing! Our sincere thanks to the entire Acteva team for integrating codeREADr into their lead retrieval system and event check-in services.