Mobile Ticket App News: Reg-Ex Technology

Mobile Ticket App

In an Ideal World…

codeREADr’s validation capabilities make it a first-rate mobile ticket app, as well as a useful solution for mobile vouchers, mobile offers, etc. The ideal way to validate tickets, offers, and vouchers is to check the presented ID against an online database or a database stored on a local server. In that way, multiple scanning devices can all work off the same database. That’s been one of our standard service offerings since 2009.

Back to Reality

However, sometimes that option is simply not practical. For example:

  • What happens if internet connectivity is unstable or non-existent at the point of service?
  • How do you handle posting IDs issued in real-time to a validation database? For experienced service providers, it’s not a major challenge but even so, it can be quite complex. Why not make it simpler if you can? And what if internet connectivity is unstable?
  • What if the IDs are highly confidential – like some student, patient or member IDs?

Does it make sense to create a validation database of millions of IDs – coupon IDs for example – when a very limited number of those IDs will actually be used?

Improving the Mobile Ticket App

We ¬†just announced adding regular expression technology (‘regex’) to our Pattern Validation service type and the Alter Scan Value feature, which separately or combined can help solve some of the issues noted above.

While pattern validation isn’t as fool-proof as real-time validation, it can be used as an effective alternative or even as a backup to real-time validation.