The Latest Barcode Scanner App for Android

New Android v1.3 Barcode Scanner

An update for codeREADr’s barcode scanner app for Android was just released on the Android Market. This is a big release that not only fixes bugs and increases speeds, but also introduces some new features.

Check out some of these changes to the barcode scanner app for Android:

  • Faster and More Accurate – the barcode scanning engine will make event ticketing, coupon redemption, attendance management and more much more efficient and easy.
  • Search Database – click search to find keywords or letter combinations in your downloaded databases.
  • New Archive Tab – scroll through all of your scan history, whether it be on the device or in the cloud.
  • New UI Improvement – Making our app nicer and nicer to look at.
  • Duplicate Settings – you can now set whether or not to mark duplicate codes valid or invalid right on your phone through the Settings tab.
  • Bug Fixes

Download for free! If it’s your first time with codeREADr, don’t forget to sign in to to get the most out of your app!

A supplementary changelog is below:

  • Add auto refresh to the new “Archive” tab when switching between selected tabs.
  • Make the prev/next row for searching function as transparent when not needed so that we increase the amount of screen real estate available when view search results.
  • Fix duplicate codeREADr activity launch that opens two instances of the app
  • The new default free orientation implementation is working on older Android versions.
  • Added the ability to clear an existing search.
  • Add the fast scrolling to the search view that automatically shows a big slider that the user can drag when the results are more than just a few.
  • Changed from using real images to simulated images created by xml code for many views. Also created a styles01.xml file for controlling the color scheme and application updates much faster.