Data Collection App Adds Exciting New Services

New Features on Data Collection App

We Listened To You

Based on the feedback from hundreds of clients, we’ve added several new standard services for new accounts registering via the web or app. Although these services can be used as-is, they are primarily meant to give newcomers to our data collection app templates that show how to build services. These services can be edited or deleted. As always, an unlimited number of full custom services can be created to meet your requirements.

Standard Data Collection App Services

Here is the current list of standard services the codeREADr data collection app provides:

  1. Access Control and Ticket Validation: Scan a barcode (or search a database) to validate ID badges or ticket IDs at access points.
  2. Asset TrackingScan a barcode (or search a database) to track assets and update asset location & status.
  3. Attendance: Scan a barcode (or search a database) to check-in and check-out students, members, employees, etc.
  4. Database Builder: Create a database of inventory, assets, and members.
  5. Lead Retrieval: Scan a barcode to record sales leads from trade shows and expos.
  6. Mobile Security: Scan a barcode (or search a database) to validate ID badges while mobile.
  7. Safety Status: Scan a barcode (or search a database) to report the safety & security status of equipment, access points, and processes.
  8. Scan to Order: Scan a barcode and enter a quantity for order entry, sample tracking, etc.

More to Come

More standard services will be added from time-to-time, so if you have any suggestions please let us know!