Code Scanning App Users Can View Others’ Scans

Code Scanning Users Can View Others’ Scans

If you utilize codeREADr as an inventory code scanning app, as a ticketing app for a grouped event, or any other application where there are multiple devices and multiple users attempting to cross-reference scans, then we have good news. You now have the option to allow users to view other users’ scans. This means any user who is assigned to your service can see all scans conducted, no matter which device scanned them. This will display all scans in the history tab of the codeREADr App.

If this is left unchecked, a user will only be able to see the scans that were taken on his/her device. This will help if you need a service that requires confidentiality between users.
This option is available for any service:

  • On just click “Edit” on any of your current services
  • Or create a new service, and go to the “Advanced” tab to find the option.