Barcode Scanner for Android v1.3 Now Available

New Android v1.3 Barcode Scanner

Big Update for codeREADr’s barcode scanner for Android:

Another big update has come for users of the codeREADr barcode scanner for Android. Check it out on its Google Play page. This update is all about new features. Here are some of the big things we’ve added for this version:

  • Bluetooth Support
  • NFC Support
  • Validation Pattern Support
  • Case-Sensitivity Validation
  • New UI Improvement
  • Webify the Response


  • Bluetooth Support: You can connect bluetooth devices that scan barcodes to the phone. Click on the settings tab to pair any supported bluetooth scanner to work with the codeREADr barcode scanner for Android. Pairing smartphones with a Bluetooth scanner means easier scanning and validation of  1D Barcodes that are hard to scan using only the smartphone’s camera.
  • NFC Support: codeREADr authenticates NFC IDs embedded in tags, wristbands, FOBS, and phones. Android devices that support NFC can now interact with NFC chips, already used in some music festivals and Boston’s MBTA system, to read their unique UID code.
  • Validation Pattern Support: the ability to assign a pattern to authenticate barcodes, not in the database that follow a specific pattern of characters. (More info coming soon)
  • Case-Sensitivity Validation: Databases on your account can now be case-sensitive. Create a case-sensitive database for more security with validation. Leave case sensitivity off if you have a don’t need security, and manual entry while switching cases is hard with your mobile device’s built-in keyboard.
  • New UI Improvement: Added elegance with a hint of beauty. New buttons, and some classy new backgrounds for the response page, the questions pages, and more.
  • Webify the Response: now any response for a barcode or any description for a service can be written in Html or with the nodes. Be as creative as you want using all of the HTML features.
  • Bug Fixes

Bonus Info

If it’s your first time using codeREADr, don’t forget to sign in to to get the most out of codeREADr! A supplementary changelog is below:

  • Added an upload button to the history view page. Upload any scans on your device with this button.
  • Added a dedicated refresh button on the services view to update all of the services with the click of a button, and a timestamp of the last update at the bottom.
  • On the scans page, you can now click on the name of the service on the top bad to open service description.
  • Updated input fields to block auto-complete/correction on the login page, search database page, search scans page, and barcode manual entry page.
  • Added a contact us email option on the settings page. If you want anything improved or added, please write to us about it!
  • New notification backgrounds