Barcode Scanning API’s and Web Services

Branding APIs for Barcode Scanning

Developer API

Easily integrate codeREADr with your existing application. We offer APIs for most of our website’s features:

  • Scans Retrieve
  • Service Management
  • User Management
  • Device Management
  • Database Management
  • Barcode Generation
  • Postback URL
  • Data Collection Forms
Webhooks to your Server CodeREADr

Webhooks to your server

Webhooks (postback) immediately post scan records to your server. With full postback, you can control the status of every scan and the response to your app users in real-time.

Branding APIs for Barcode Scanning

Direct Scan URL (DSU)

With DSU all scan records are instantly posted to your server without storing any databases or scan records on our servers. This is ideal for classified data or when using LANs behind firewalls.