API: Error Codes

Error codes generated when performing an API action will display in the node of the XML response.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Possible Error Codes

ID Error Description
2 Your request could not be processed at this time. Our team has been notified of the issue, and you will receive a reply from us shortly.
10 No permissions for this action
50 Required POST variables not supplied
100 The API key is invalid.
101 The API key is missing.
102 The XML file is too large. Maximum file size is 1MB.
103 The XML file contains errors and cannot be read.
104 No file has been received. Try specifying MAX_FILE_SIZE=1000000before submitting the file.
105 The file is larger than allowed.
110 Invalid action Parameter
111 You have exceeded the number of permitted API calls during current minute. The counter is reset at the beginning of every minute.
113 You have exceeded the number of permitted API calls during current day. The counter is reset every midnight.
120 Invalid section Parameter
131 Missing required variable: service_id
132 Missing required variable: user_id
133 Missing required variable: question_id
134 Missing required variable: answer_id
135 Missing required variable: scan_id
200 The service does not exist.
201 The user does not exist.
202 The question does not exist.
203 The answer does not exist.
204 The database does not exist.
205 This database cannot be deleted because it is currently linked to one or more services. Unlink those services from the database and try again.
206 Cannot delete. The question must have at least two answers to choose from.
210 Required service POST variables not supplied
211 For database services, please select a database to be used with the service.
213 You need to select an end date that occurs after the start date.
214 Your stop date must be in the future.
215 A service already exists with that name.
216 A database already exists with that name.
217 You need to specify a start date.
218 You need to specify an end date.
219 Service name is invalid
221 Please enter a valid Postback URL, starting with http:// or https://
222 The URL you entered is not valid. Please start your URL with either http:// or https://
223 You can only configure direct scanning when you create a postback service.
224 Regular expression pattern/replacement must be updated together.
225 Options postback_receiver_only, postback_real_time_scans and postback_uploaded_scans are not compatible with services of type postback. They are intended for services of other validation types (i.e. record, database, etc) that also have a postback_url set.
226 You cannot configure postback handling without specifying a postback_url.
261 Question could not be deleted
262 Invalid Question ID
265 Answer could not be added
266 Answer could not be deleted
269 You need to supply a question.
270 Invalid database ID
300 Invalid user ID
310 Required user POST variables not supplied
320 The username you chose is already taken. Please choose a different username.
330 Please enter a valid email address.
340 Invalid username. Try taking out any spaces, or using fewer punctuation marks.
341 Please enter a password.
342 Please enter a username.
343 You cannot use this action to update or delete the app-user tied to the account owner.
410 Required device POST variables not supplied
804 The scan could not be deleted.
1017 Barcode value does not exist.
1019 An error occurred during file upload. Please reattempt.
1026 Please select a .CSV file to import.
1027 The barcode value already exists within this database.
1028 You need to supply a barcode value.
1029 Please supply a CSV file to upload.
1036 Some of the answers match. Please provide unique answers.

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